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Payroll Calculator 2020 - Ontario

C$ 56.50
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Our full functional Excel based Payroll Calculator 2020 (for Ontario) is available online. Your computer need MS Excel to run this Calculator. The price is $50+HST. During the payment, please indicate your business name and e-mail address. We will send you the calculator and invoice through the email within 2 business days. You can try our free trial version by click the DOWNLOAD below. 

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.

Payroll Calculator Trial Version and User Instructions

This is our new designed excel based Payroll Calculator. It complies with Canada Revenue Agency payroll deduction rule for 2020. The full version Calculator comes with 10 employees, maximum 27 pay periods per employee, year end T4 and general journal entry per pay period for accounting purpose. Download the trial version by click the button below. After you extract the file, you will get an Excel based .exe file. You will need MS Office installed to run the Calculator.

Please try the Calculator and we will very appreciate if you can let us know your opinions. 

Payroll Calculator 2020 Trial Version and User Instructions (zip)


Important notice


Due to the most recent COVID-19 situation, our office NO longer provides face to face consultation. During this tax season, please send us the tax slips through the e-mail. We will send the tax return package back to you through the e-mail afterwards. Thank you for your cooperation, and stay safe!

What kinds of service does J&J Accounting provide?

J&J Accounting provides full accounting and taxation related services for both businesses and individuals.

Why choose J&J Accounting?

J&J Accounting provides top level professional services, and always exceeds clients’ exceptions. These achievements come from updated knowledge, adequate experience and hard working by J&J Accounting staff and its business owner. 

How is the service?

J&J Accounting has experienced bookkeepers and professional accountants to provide the service. Each number we entered has been double or triple checked. We guarantee the accuracy of the numbers that we have entered. We also make sure all the services that we provide are in compliance with the regulatory requirements. 

Worried about fiscal year end?

Relax. J&J Accounting provides a variety of Year End Support services. Let the professionals deal with numbers, and you can focus on your business decisions. Click here to find out more details. 

Get picked by the CRA for a tax auditing?

Tax auditing can be one of the most intimidating situations a person or a business can face. Don’t worry if you are contacted by the government auditor. J&J Accounting is incredibly experienced in this situation. Our professionals will prepare the necessary information for you and we can communicate with CRA auditors on your behalf. Our professionals will fight for you to maximize your benefit and minimize your potential payment.

Our Services



  • Experienced bookkeepers and accountants bring you excellent Bookkeeping Service with accuracy and efficiency
  • Leave the numbers to professionals and you can focus on your business decisions
  • Lower your business expenses and become more competitive in the market 


Corporate Income Tax

  • We prepare your Corporate Income Tax Return (T2)
  • We are responsible for each number we have entered
  • We provide you with life time support for each return we have filed


Personal Income Tax

  • A variety of Personal Income Tax Return packages available
  • Reasonable price with premium service
  • Discounted price available for current students


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